Questions on “why” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to use “why” in Hindi.

You’ll learn to make sentences like
Why are you here ? or

Why the sky is blue ? in Hindi

Hindi equivalent of “why” is “क्यों (kyon)”

Like every other Hindi Wh-Question………the position of क्यों comes before the verb.

Hindi English
क्योँ ?


Why ?
तुम हिंदी क्यों बोलते हो ?

(tum hindi kyon bolte ho?)

Why do you speak Hindi?
तुम इधर क्यों हो ?

(tum idhar kyon ho)

Why are you here?
यह लाल क्यों हैं ?

(yah laal kyon hain)

Why is this red ?
तुम यह क्यों खा रहे हो ?

(tum yah kyon khaa rahe ho?)

Why are you eating this?
आकाश नीला क्यों हैं ?

(aakaash neela kyon hain?)

Why is the sky blue?


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