Questions on where in Hindi

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn to ask questions using “where”.

You will learn to make sentences like

Where are you ?  or Where is your friend ? in Hindi

“Where” translates to  “कहाँ (kahaan)” in Hindi.

The position of  “कहाँ (kahaan)” comes just before the verb present in the sentence.

Question आप कहाँ हो?

aap kahaan ho ?

Where are you ?
Answer मैं भारत में हूँ  |

main bhaarat me hoon

I am in India.
Question बैटमैन कहाँ है ?

batman kahaan hain?

Where is Batman ?
Answer बैटमैन अमेरिका में है |

batman ameirka me hain

Batman is in America.
Question वह कहाँ था ?

vah kahaan thaa?

Where was he?
Answer वह मुंबई में था |

vah mumbai me thaa

He was in Mumbai.
Question कल सचिन कहाँ आया था ?

kal sachin kahaan aaya thaa?

Where had Sachin come yesterday ?
Answer कल सचिन दिल्ली आया था |

kal sachin dillee aaya tha

Sachin had come to Delhi yesteraday.

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  1. I have learnt hindi but i don’t know to understand the meaning of some words in hindi and to speak.mind your hindi helps me to regain my knowledge of hindi.i am very thankful to mind your hindi……….

  2. hello
    ”thaa” will represent both ”he” and ”there” or only it represents ”he”.Because in last lesson ”Who” a sentence came vah koun thaa?= Who was he/there? here you have mentioned both he/there That’s confusing please clear my doubt.

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