Present Tense : Your daily routine in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to make simple sentences in present tense in Hindi.

You must read ” Introduction to Hindi verbs” before moving ahead to this lesson.

In this lesson we shall see only first person pronouns (both singular and plural) :

Attach suffix  -ता हूँ  ( –taa hoon)  if the gender  is Masculine  and  –ती हूँ( –tee hoon)  for Feminine to the root of the verb.

for example:

(M) I go = मैं जा-ता हूँ | (main jaataa hoon)

(F) I go = मैं जा-ती हूँ | (main jaatee hoon)


Gender : Masculine

Hindi English
मैं उठ-ता हूँ |main uth-taa hoon I wake up.
मैं School जा-ता हूँ |main school jaa-taa hoon I go to the School.
मैं Ice Cream खा-ता हूँ |main Ice cream khaa-taa hoon I eat Ice cream.
मैं Juice पी-ता हूँ |main juice pee-taa hoon I drink Juice.
मैं सो-ता हूँ |main so-taa hoon I sleep.

Gender: Feminine

Hindi English
मैं उठ-ती हूँ |main uth-tee hoon I wake up.
मैं School जा-ती हूँ |main school jaa-tee hoon I go to the School.
मैं Ice Cream खा-ती हूँ |main Ice cream khaa-tee hoon I eat Ice cream.
मैं Juice पी-ती हूँ |main juice pee-tee hoon I drink Juice.
मैं सो-ती हूँ |main so-tee hoon I sleep.

First person pronouns : (root verb) +ता हूँ  or (root verb)+ ती हूँ

Present tense in Hindi -1

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12 comments on “Present Tense : Your daily routine in Hindi
  1. Sandeep Rathod says:

    Very good sir


    I want to learn grammar English.

  3. Balu says:

    This way is very nice way to learn hindi. I liked very much

  4. Aditya patidar says:

    This way is the very esey way of learn English word’s..

  5. Ramesh says:

    Thanks lots

  6. Murali Krishna says:

    I have a small doubt.

    I want to translate the below english sentence to hindi.

    “The flower store is in an old building”.

    वह फूलों की दुकान एक पुरानी बिल्डिंग में है|

    Also can I say

    वह फूलों की दुकान एक पुरानी बिल्डिंग में होता है ?

    Can you please clarify the difference between “me hai” our “me hota hai” in the below sentences?

    Is there any wrong in the 2nd sentence or both sentences are correct?

    Plz explain. Thanks in advance…..

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      Both sentences are right. The second sentences shows permanent situation.

      It is like saying “the flower store is always in an old building”

      Similar example would be :

      सूरज आकाश में होता है | (sun is in the sky) and also (sun is always in the sky)

  7. amit kumar says:

    i want speck in English

  8. pune says:

    Easy way to learn.

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