Summary : Simple Present tense

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn more about subject-verb agreement in Hindi in present tense.

Previous lesson , we saw sentences like

I go.

I eat.

I sleep.

These all were for first person singular pronouns. Let us see them for all pronouns in this lesson.

The example verb is खा-ना (khaa-naa) = to eat.

All you have to see is that how the verb endings are changing with different pronouns.

Person Singular Plural
1st मैं खा-ता हूँ |(Male)(main khataa hoon)मैं खा-ती हूँ | (Female)
(main khatee hoon)

I eat.

हम खा-ते है |  (ham khaate hai) We eat
2nd तू खा-ता/ती है | ( tu khaataa/tee hai)तुम खा-ते/ती हो | (tum khaate/tee ho)

आप खा-ते हो |

(aap khaate ho)


You eat.

आप खा-ते हो |  (aap khate ho) You eat
3rd वह खा-ता है | (vah khataa hai)वह खा-ती है | (vah khatee hai) 

He/She eats.

वे खा-ते है |  (ve khaate hai ) They eat

First person pronouns : (root verb) +ता हूँ  or (root verb)+ ती हूँ

Second person pronouns:  (root verb) +ते हो  or (root verb)+ती हो

Third person pronouns: (root verb) +ता है  or (root verb)+ती है

present tense in Hindi

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I speak Hindi
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मैं हिंदी बोलता/ती हूँ (main hindi bolta hoon)
You speak Hindi (Formal)
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आप हिंदी बोलते हो | (aap hindi bolte ho)
We drink water.
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हम पानी पीते है (hum pani peete hain )
They play cricket.
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वे क्रिकेट खेलते हैं |(ve kriket khelte hain)
I go
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मैं जाता/ती हूँ | (main jaata/tee hoon)
They go
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वे जाते हैं | (ve jaate hain)
She eats chapati.
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वह चपाती खाती है | (vah chapati khaati hai )
He plays cricket.
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वह क्रिकेट खेलता है | (vah cricket khelta hai )
We go to Mumbai
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हम मुंबई जाते हैं |(ham mumbai jaate hain)


  1. is it hum … te hai or te/hain? last chapter you had mentioned has hum.. te hain. this chapter its hum .. te hai.

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