Present tense 4

In this Hindi tutorial

We will learn simple present tense for pronouns in plural case.

We will learn to make sentences like:

We play cricket  or  They come  or  You all speak Hindi.

Hindi pronouns in plural case are: हम  (hum), आप (aap) and वे (ve) . These are “We” , “You” and “They” of English.

While using these pronouns, the root of the verb gets suffix -ते हैं (te hain) for masculine gender and -ती हैं (tee hain) for feminine gender.

For example:

हम जाते हैं (hum jaate hain) = We go.

आप जाते हैं (aap jaate hain) = You go.

वे जाते हैं  (ve jaate hain) = They go.

Now try to make sentences for these pronouns using these verbs:

खेलना (khelnaa) , खाना  (khaanaa), पीना (peenaa), बोलना (bolnaa)

You may take the help from this lesson :  Present tense 2



आप हिंदी बोल_______(aap hindi bol_____) = You (all) speak Hindi
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आप हिंदी बोलते हैं |
हम पानी ________ (hum paanee_____) = We drink water
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हम पानी पीते हैं
वे हिंदी बोल______(ve hindi bol_____) = They speak Hindi
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वे हिंदी बोलते हैं |
मैं _______(main ____) = I go
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मैं जाता/ती हूँ
तू क्रिकेट ______ (tu cricket_____) = You play cricket.
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तू क्रिकेट खेलता/ती है |
मैं क्रिकेट ________(main cricket______) = I play cricket
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मैं क्रिकेट खेलता /ती हूँ |
हम क्रिकेट________ (hum cricket______) = We play cricket
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हम क्रिकेट खेलते हैं |
आप जा _________(aap jaa______) = You (all) go
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आप जाते हैं
वे मुंबई जा_____(ve mumbai jaa______) = You go
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वे मुंबई जाते हैं |


    1. There are two “aap”
      one for singular “You” and the other for plural “You”
      singular you : aap ho
      plural you : aap hai

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