Present tense 3

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn Hindi Simple present tense for third person pronouns.

As we have learned earlier, root of the verbs get different suffixes for different pronouns.

In this lesson, we will learn suffixes to be attached to the roots of the verbs for third person pronouns.

Third person pronouns in Hindi are “यह”(yah) and “वह”(vah). [ Lesson: Third person pronouns in Hindi]

For these pronouns, suffix -ता हूँ (taa hoon) is attached if the subject is masculine and suffix -ती हूँ (tee hoon) is attached if the subject is feminine.

For example:

यह  खाता हैं | (yah khataa hain) = He eats.

यह  खाती हैं | (yah khatee hain) = She eats.


वह  खाता हैं | (vah khataa hain) = He eats.

वह  खाती हैं | (vah khatee hain) = She eats.

राम खाता है | (Ram khaataa hain) = Ram eats.

सीता खाती है | (Seeta khaatee hain) = Seeta eats.

More examples:

Hindi English
यह जाता है |(yah jaaate hai) He goes.
पीटर आता है |(peter aataa hai) Peter comes.
जॉन पानी पीता है |(john paanee peetaa hai) John drinks water.
वह क्रिकेट खेलता है |(vah cricket khelta hai) He plays cricket.
रहीम हिंदी बोलता है |(raheem hindi bolta hai) Raheem speaks Hindi.


Hindi English
यह जाती है |(yah jaatee hai) She goes.
मोनिका आती है |(monica aatee hai) Monica comes
टीना पानी पीती है |(teenaa paanee peetee hai) Teena drinks water.
वह क्रिकेट खेलती है |(vah cricket kheltee hai) She plays cricket.
माया हिंदी बोलती है |(maaya hindi boltee hai) Maya speaks hindi.



पीटर हिंदी बोल_______(peter hindi bol_____) = Peter speaks Hindi
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पीटर हिंदी बोलता है |
मोनिका पानी ________ (Monika paani_____) = Monika drinks water
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मोनिका पानी पीती है |
वह हिंदी__________ (vah hindi_____) = He speaks Hindi.
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वह हिंदी बोलता है |
जॉन_______(main ____) = John goes.
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जॉन जाता है |
तू क्रिकेट ______ (tu cricket_____) = You play cricket.
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तू क्रिकेट खेलता/ती है |
मैं क्रिकेट ________(main cricket______) = I play cricket
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मैं क्रिकेट खेलता /ती हूँ |
आप क्रिकेट________ (aap cricket______) = You play cricket
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आप क्रिकेट खेलते हो |
मेरा दोस्त जा _________(mera dost jaa______) = My friend goes
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मेरा दोस्त जाता है |
टीना जा ________(teenaa jaa_______) = Teena goes
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टीना जाती है |
पीटर ब्रेड खा ________(Peter bread khaa_______) = Peter eats bread.
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पीटर ब्रेड खाता है |
मैं ब्रेड खा ________(main bread______) = I eat bread
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मैं ब्रेड खाता/ती हूँ |
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7 comments on “Present tense 3
  1. sakthi says:

    Hi.. Where we are using veh and yeh? What is the difference?

  2. bhayanaka says:

    how do you know the surfix to use ho , hai, hain or hoon at the end of a sentence,

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      see the lesson , “be verbs in Hindi”. This lesson will clear your all doubts.

    • Rajasulochana says:

      Mein — hoon (I am)
      Tum — ho (you are)
      Aap — hain (you are (respect)
      Yah/vah — hai (He /She is)

      These are correct suffix formulas for first,second and third person pronouns

  3. lucky says:

    For these pronouns, suffix -ता हूँ (taa hoon) is attached if the subject is masculine and suffix -ती हूँ (tee hoon) is attached if the subject is feminine.

    hoon should be for the first person. Please correct me if i am wrong.

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