Present continuous tense 2

Previous lesson we saw the present continuous tense in Hindi for first person pronouns.

In this lesson , we shall see it for all the remaining pronouns.

Person Singular Plural
1st मैं खा रहा  हूँ |(Male)

(main kha rahaa hoon)

मैं खा रही हूँ | (Female)

(main khaa rahee hoon)

I am eating.

हम खा रहे है | 

(ham khaate hai) 

We are eating.

2nd तू खा-रहा /रही है |

( tu khaa raha/rahee hai)

तुम खा रहे /रही हो |

(tum khaa  rahe/rahee ho)

आप खा रहे हो |

(aap khaa rahe ho)


You are eating.

आप खा रहे हो |  (aap khaa rahe ho) 

You are eating.

3rd वह खा रहा  है |

(vah khaa rahaa hai)

He is eating.

वह खा-रही है |

(vah kha rahee hai) 

She is eating.

वे खा रहे है |  (ve khaa rahe hai ) 

They are eating.


I am speaking Hindi
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मैं हिंदी बोल रहा/रहीं हूँ |(main hindi bol rahaa/rahee hoon)
You are speaking Hindi (Male-Formal)
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आप हिंदी बोल रहे /रही हो | (aap hindi bol rahe/rahee ho)
We are drinking water.
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हम पानी पी रहे हैं | (hum pani pee rahe hain
They are playing cricket.
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वे क्रिकेट खेल रहे हैं (ve kriket khel rahe hain
I am going
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मैं जा रहा /रहीं हूँ | (main jaa rahaa/rahee hoon)
They are going
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वे जा रहे हैं | (ve ja rahe hain)
She is eating chapati.
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वह चपाती खा रहीं है | (vah chapati khaa rahee hai)
He is coming.
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वह आ रहा हैं | (vah aa rahaa hai )
We are coming.
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हम आ रहे हैं |(ham aa rahe hain)


  1. aap khaa rahi hai- for ‘you(plural,female) are eating’
    aap khaa rahe hai- for ‘you(plural,male) are eating’
    aap kha rahe ho-for ‘you(male) are eating’
    aap kha rahi ho-for ‘you(female) are eating’

    is it correct?

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