Past tense 2 : Transitive verbs

We know the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs. This was covered in the chapter ” Theory of transitivity”.
Previous chapter we dealt with the intransitive verbs:those verbs which do not consider the presence of an object in a sentence.
Now lets study some transitive verbs and their use in the Past tense.

Transitive verbs listen to the object in a sentence; not to the subject. Lets see this with an example.

Ramesh ate a Samosa = रमेशने समोसा खा-या. (ramesh-ne samosa kha-yaa)
Ramesh ate an Idli = रमेशने इडली खा-यी. (ramesh ne idli kha-yee)

Rani ate a Samosa = राणी ने समोसा खा-या. (raani ne samosa kha-yaa)
Rani ate an Idli = राणी ने इडली खा-यी. (raani ne  idli kha-yee)

The verb खा-ना is listening to the objects in the sentences. It is independent of whether Ramesh is eating or Rani is eating. It is rather dependent on what you are eating. The verb ends with the sound of -आ (aa) if the object is masculine while it ends with the sound of -ई (ee) if the object is feminine.

Now lets study some commonly used transitive verbs and their usage in the past tense.

Verbs Masculine Feminine
Read मैंने पेपर पढ़ा

maine paper padha

I read paper

मैंने किताब पढ़ी

maine kitaab padhi

I read a book

Drank मैंने पानी पिया

maine paani piya

I drank water

मैंने चाय पी

maine chaay pee

I drank tea

Watched/Saw मैंने सिनेमा देखा

maine cinema dekha

I watched a movie

मैंने गाड़ी देखी

maine gaadi dekhee

I saw a car

Gave मैंने पेन दिया

maine pen diya

I gave a pen

मैंने पेन्सिल दी

maine pencil dee

I gave a pencil

Took मैंने पेन लिया

maine pen liyaa

I took a pen

मैंने पेन्सिल ली

maine pencil lee

I took a pencil


  1. It is very good to learn But still i have doubt about Masculine and Feminine words. Can you give some more examples.

  2. sry,for second person

    i.e aap ne idly gaayo

    is dat rite ? or aap ne idly gaayi is rite ?

    still verb doesn’t consider noun ?? always will verb depend on object ?

    1. yes verb will depend on the object.

      aap ne idli khaayee – because idli is feminine
      aap ne cake khayaa- because cake is masuline.

  3. tk. danyavaad ji. Here i framed sentences in pre. & past tenses upto i learnt (upto past tense transitive verbs). specify & correct ma mistakes & clear ma doubts too ji.

    simple present tense

    i see – main dekthi/tha hoon

    you see – aap dekthe ho (both masculine & feminine)

    he/she/they – yah/ve dektha/dekthi/dekthe hai

    i eat pizza – main pizza khaatee hoon

    will verb follow objects for simple pre. tense too ??

    simple present continuous tense

    i am seeing you – main dekh rahi hoon

    how to say “i am seeing you” ?

    you are eating – aap khaa rahe ho

    she is eating dosa – vah dosa khaa rahee hai

    he is eating idly – vah idly khaa rahaa hai

    they are eating pizza – ve pizza khaa rahe hai

    will verb follow objects for simple pre. cont. tense too ??

    simple past tense – intransitive verb

    i saw – main dekho (masculine)

    – main dekhee (feminine)

    how to say “i saw u” ??

    simple past tense – transitive verb

    i ate pizza – maine pizza khaayaa

    i ate idly – maine idly khee

    she ate dosa – yah ne dosa khaayaa

    they ate chilly – ve ne chilly khee

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