Our your their

Describing Masculine Objects :

भारत हमारा देश है |

(bhaarat hamaara desh hain)

India is our country.
अमरीका आपका देश है |

(amrikaa aapkaa desh hain)

Amerika is your country.
जपान उनका देश है |

(japaan unkaa desh hain)

Japan is their country.

Describing Feminine Objects:

इंडिका हमारी कार है |

(indicaa hamaari car hain)

Indica is our car.
स्पार्क आपकी कार है |

(spark aapki car hain)

Spark is your car.
मारुती उनकी कार है |

(maaruti unkee car hain)

Maruti is their car.

Describing Multiple objects

हमारे पैसे

(hamaare paise)

Our money
आपके पैसे

(aapke paise)

Your money
उनके पैसे

(unke paise)

Their money

Our = हमारा/हमारी /हमारे

Your = आपका / आपकी /आपके

Their = उनका /उनकी /उनके

Our your their

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  1. in table our your their all the sentences are similar but what is the difference between our your their we are suing hamaara/aapka/ unkaa. like that we are using the samein other 2 tables also but there we are using hamaari/ aaaki/unki can u please explain .Any how i should thank to mind ur hindi.com.

    1. first table is when you are referring to masculine gender
      like hamara desh(our country)
      the second table when you are referring to feminine gender
      hamari gadi(our vehicle)

  2. Thanks for this wonderful work. Can you please also write the phonetic translation of the hindi lines using english as well ?

  3. For your hotel why it is aapke hotel instad of aapka hotel?

    Could you please explain?

    Thanks in advance..

    I appreciate your work.Your lessons helping us a lot to learn hindi.

    1. Hotel is treated as a neuter noun. Though neuter gender gender does not exist in Hindi, it is used for English noun sometimes.

    1. There are no specific rules to distinguish between masculine and feminine nouns. You can see the lesson “Nouns” in Hindi in Grammar section for more information. Thanks

    1. hi
      hamaaraa to describe masculine nouns
      hamaaree to feminine
      hamaare to plural

      Hope this clears your doubt.

  4. Hello…Please check my sentences…
    -main tera bhai hoon (I am your brother.)
    -main suresh ma hoon (I am Suresh’s mother.)
    -meri car kali hai (My car is black.)

  5. Hello Thamachot, here the small corrections in your sentences
    I am your brother- main tumhara bhai hoon,
    I am suresh’s mother- main suresh ki maa hoon,
    My car is black- Meri car kala hai.

  6. hello here are some of my sentences please check if they are correct.
    aaj mere janamdeen hai -( today is my birthday)
    main India Jaa raha hum-(I am going to India)
    Aap kahaan jaa rahi hai -(where are you going)
    main athaaraa salka hum -(I am eighteen years).
    please am I right. hamaraa lovely website.

  7. One doubt:

    What I understood from this chapter is,

    ‘Us kaa’/’Is kaa’ is when we are referring to a single third person / to a group of people we are talking informally about


    ‘Un kaa’/’In kaa’ is when we are to referring to a single person / to a group of people with respect

    Is that right?

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