Our your their

Describing Masculine Objects :

भारत हमारा देश है |

(bhaarat hamaara desh hain)

India is our country.
अमरीका आपका देश है |

(amrikaa aapkaa desh hain)

Amerika is your country.
जपान उनका देश है |

(japaan unkaa desh hain)

Japan is their country.

Describing Feminine Objects:

इंडिका हमारी कार है |

(indicaa hamaari car hain)

Indica is our car.
स्पार्क आपकी कार है |

(spark aapki car hain)

Spark is your car.
मारुती उनकी कार है |

(maaruti unkee car hain)

Maruti is their car.

Describing Multiple objects

हमारे पैसे

(hamaare paise)

Our money
आपके पैसे

(aapke paise)

Your money
उनके पैसे

(unke paise)

Their money

Our = हमारा/हमारी /हमारे

Your = आपका / आपकी /आपके

Their = उनका /उनकी /उनके

Our your their

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29 comments on “Our your their
  1. ranjana says:

    this site very useful for learn to hindi thanks to mindurhindi.com

  2. Mrs.Ramya.K says:

    in table our your their all the sentences are similar but what is the difference between our your their we are suing hamaara/aapka/ unkaa. like that we are using the samein other 2 tables also but there we are using hamaari/ aaaki/unki can u please explain .Any how i should thank to mind ur hindi.com.

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      first table is when you are referring to masculine gender
      like hamara desh(our country)
      the second table when you are referring to feminine gender
      hamari gadi(our vehicle)

  3. Thangaraj says:

    Thanks for this wonderful work. Can you please also write the phonetic translation of the hindi lines using english as well ?

  4. shanthi says:

    thank u this is awesome

  5. PRIYA says:

    bahuth danyavath—thank u very much – right

  6. Murali Krishna says:

    For your hotel why it is aapke hotel instad of aapka hotel?

    Could you please explain?

    Thanks in advance..

    I appreciate your work.Your lessons helping us a lot to learn hindi.

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      Hotel is treated as a neuter noun. Though neuter gender gender does not exist in Hindi, it is used for English noun sometimes.

  7. Sridhar says:

    May I know the difference between “Uska nam Ram hai” and “Unka nam Ram hai”

  8. Jacita says:

    what part of speech is hotel feminine or masculine why use आपके thank you.

  9. 123hr says:

    how to differentiate between masculine and faminine object, could u please explain..?

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      There are no specific rules to distinguish between masculine and feminine nouns. You can see the lesson “Nouns” in Hindi in Grammar section for more information. Thanks

  10. Khushi says:

    wats de diff b/w unhone and unke ??

  11. suji says:

    could you explain when can we use hamara,hamari,hamare exactly.
    thanks in advance…nice work

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      hamaaraa to describe masculine nouns
      hamaaree to feminine
      hamaare to plural

      Hope this clears your doubt.

  12. Thamachot says:

    Hello…Please check my sentences…
    -main tera bhai hoon (I am your brother.)
    -main suresh ma hoon (I am Suresh’s mother.)
    -meri car kali hai (My car is black.)

  13. Balaji says:

    Hello Thamachot, here the small corrections in your sentences
    I am your brother- main tumhara bhai hoon,
    I am suresh’s mother- main suresh ki maa hoon,
    My car is black- Meri car kala hai.

  14. abdul aljasawee says:

    hello here are some of my sentences please check if they are correct.
    aaj mere janamdeen hai -( today is my birthday)
    main India Jaa raha hum-(I am going to India)
    Aap kahaan jaa rahi hai -(where are you going)
    main athaaraa salka hum -(I am eighteen years).
    please am I right. hamaraa lovely website.

  15. ramesh says:

    is car a female word?

  16. ramesh says:

    Hoe can we differenciete hindi words with male and female?

  17. Lalngaiha says:

    what is the difference between hamara and hamare

  18. Kala says:

    “Tumhara humare SE kya vasta hai”.
    What wrong in this pronoun. Pls reply

  19. enA says:

    can u plzz xpln me dat all da vehicles r female/male………?????

  20. Mitra says:

    One doubt:

    What I understood from this chapter is,

    ‘Us kaa’/’Is kaa’ is when we are referring to a single third person / to a group of people we are talking informally about


    ‘Un kaa’/’In kaa’ is when we are to referring to a single person / to a group of people with respect

    Is that right?

  21. Anbarasu says:

    Nice site to learn hindi

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