Orders in Hindi

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn imperative form of Hindi verbs.

You’ll learn how to give orders Hindi.

Giving orders in Hindi is very similar to requesting someone in Hindi. You may want to learn requests in Hindi here.

Let us learn this with examples.

Verb : आ-ना (aa-naa) = To come

Polite imperative form :  आ-ओ (aa-o) =  Come

If you want to order someone to enter your room, you’ll say

आ-ओ (aa-o) in Hindi.

the root of the verb gets suffix -ओ(o) .

Similarly for the verb : to go = जा-ओ (jaa-o)

The polite imperative form will be :  जा-ओ(jaa-o)  =  go.

Now for those verbs which have two or more letter in their root form:

for example :

देख-ना (dekh-naa) = To see 

The polite imperative form becomes : देख + ओ= देखो ( dekho) =  see

बैठ-ना (baith-naa) = To sit

The polite imperative form becomes : बैठ + ओ = बैठो ( baitho) = sit

One must keep in mind that this imperative form of Hindi Verbs is always used with the pronoun “तुम (tum)”.

तुम बैठो  (tum baitho) = (you)  sit

Hindi English
खाओ (khaao) eat
जाओ (jaao) go
आओ (aao) come
बैठो (baitho) sit
देखो (dekho) see
दो (do) give
The polite imperative form of a Hindi verb : root verb-ओ


  1. I am from Tamilnadu. Earlier I worked in north india for 6 month. I know hindi little.I tried to learn many way but this is best way to learn.

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