“No one” in Hindi

In this Hindi tutorial

We will learn Hindi equivalent of “No one”

We will learn to make sentences like “There was no one”  or “No one can help me” or “No one came today” in Hindi

The Hindi equivalent of “no…one” is “कोई…. नहीं….” (koi naheen)

Let us see this with examples

वहाँ कोई नहीं है |

vahan koi naheen hai

No one is there.
कोई नहीं आया |

koi naheen aayaa

No one came.
कोई नहीं खाया |

koinaheen khaaya

No one ate.
मेरी कोई मदद नहीं कर रहा है |

meri koi madad nahin kar rahaa hai

No one is helping me.
दिल्ली कोई जा नहीं रहा है |

dilli koi jaa nahi rahaa hai

No one is going to Delhi.
मेरे घर में कोई नहीं है |

mere ghar me koi naheen hai

No one is at my home.


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