“Never” in Hindi

In this Hindi tutorial

We will learn Hindi equivalent of “never”

We will learn to make sentences like “I never lie”  or “I never went to Delhi” or “I never liked him” in Hindi

The Hindi equivalent of “never” is “कभी…. नहीं….” (kabhee naheen)

These are two different words .

In a sentence,

“कभी(kabhee)” is placed behind the subject


“नहीं (naheen)” is placed just before the verb.


Let us see this with examples

मैं कभी समोसा नहीं खाया|

main kabheen samosaa naheen khaaya

I never ate samosa
पीटर कभी झूठ नहीं बोलता है |

peter kabhee jhoot naheen boltaa hai

Peter never lies
मोनिका कभी घर नहीं जाएगी |

monikaa kabhee ghar naheen jaaegi

Monika will not go home
हम कभी शराब नहीं पिए |

ham kabhee sharaab naheen piye

We never drank alcohol
वह कभी दिल्ली नहीं गया |

vah kabheen delhi naheen gayaa

He never went to Delhi
वह कभी मुझे पसंद नहीं आया |

vah kabhee mujhe pasand naheen aaya

I never liked him


  1. ‘vah kabhee mujhe pasand naheen aaya’….doesn’t this sentence mean,’he never liked me’?
    Actually the sentence goes like, ‘mujhe kabhee vah pasand naheen aaya’…..am I correct?

    shall we use ‘kiya’ instead of ‘aaya’…what is the difference between ‘kiya’ and ‘aaya’?
    also according to the explanation given regarding the placement of ‘naheen’ in a sentence,it should be placed before the verb ie.’pasand aaya’…pls explain me why you have placed ‘naheen’ after ‘pasand’

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