Negative sentences in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

We will learn negation in Hindi

We will learn to make sentences like “I am not Peter”  or “I am not your friend” or “Peter is not coming to India” in Hindi

Making negative sentences in Hindi is very easy.

The Hindi word for English “No”, “Not”, “Do not” , “can not”………………   is  “नहीं” (naheen)

To make a sentence negative in Hindi, all you have to do is to put this word “नहीं” (naheen) in front of the verb present in the sentence.

Let us see this with examples

With “Be verbs”

मैं पीटर नहीं हूँ |

main peter naheen hoon

I am not Peter.
पीटर डॉक्टर नहीं है |

peter doctor naheen hai

Peter is not a doctor
जॉन अमेरिकन नहीं है |

john american naheen hai

John is not american.
मेरी हिंदी अच्छी नहीं है |

meri hindi acchee naheen hai

My Hindi is not good.
पीटर की गाड़ी लाल नहीं है |

peter kee gaadi laal naheen hai

Peter’s vehicle is not red


With Verbs

मैं घर नहीं जा रहा हूँ |

main ghar naheen jaa rahaa hoon

I am not going home.
पीटर घर नहीं गया |

peter ghar naheen gayaa

Peter did not go home
मोनिका पिज़्ज़ा नहीं खा रही है |

monikaa pizza naheen khaa rahee hai

Monika is not eating Pizza
मैं घर नहीं जाऊँगा |

main ghar naheen jaaoongaa

I will not go home
हम शराब नहीं पीते |

hum sharaab naheen peete

We don’t drink alcohol


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