I have money

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn to make sentences like

I have money or

I have an iPhone in Hindi.

” I have”  is ” मेरे पास ” (mere paas) in Hindi.

“पास ”   means  “near” in Hindi.

Literally speaking, ” मेरे पास ” (mere paas)” means ” near me” ; but it also translates to  ” I have” in Hindi.

मेरे पास आय फोन हैं| (mere paas iphone hain) = I have an iPhone.

मेरे पास पैसे हैं | (mere paas paise hain) = I have money.

मेरे पास(mere paas) I have
मेरे पास पेन हैं(mere paas pen hain) I have a pen
मेरे पास फोन हैं |(mere paas phone hain) I have a phone
हमारे पास कुर्सी हैं |(hamaare paas kursee hain) We have a chair
तुम्हारे पास चाबी हैं(tumhaare paas chaabee hain ) You have a key
उसके पास पानी हैं |(uske paas paani hain) He has water
उनके पास पैसे हैं |(unke paas paise hain) They have money



  1. The question from Sanjana is what I am also wondering.

    I believe what Sanjana is asking is: When to use Hain and Hai.. here you use hain for every form other than mere.. even tumhaare and uske (he) is hain? I thought hain was either plural or formal?

    many thanks


  2. You Said “mere paas phone hain” mean “i have phone”
    thn how to say “i have no Phone” or “i am not having phone”

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