I have money

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn to make sentences like

I have money or

I have an iPhone in Hindi.

” I have”  is ” मेरे पास ” (mere paas) in Hindi.

“पास ”   means  “near” in Hindi.

Literally speaking, ” मेरे पास ” (mere paas)” means ” near me” ; but it also translates to  ” I have” in Hindi.

मेरे पास आय फोन हैं| (mere paas iphone hain) = I have an iPhone.

मेरे पास पैसे हैं | (mere paas paise hain) = I have money.

मेरे पास(mere paas) I have
मेरे पास पेन हैं(mere paas pen hain) I have a pen
मेरे पास फोन हैं |(mere paas phone hain) I have a phone
हमारे पास कुर्सी हैं |(hamaare paas kursee hain) We have a chair
तुम्हारे पास चाबी हैं(tumhaare paas chaabee hain ) You have a key
उसके पास पानी हैं |(uske paas paani hain) He has water
उनके पास पैसे हैं |(unke paas paise hain) They have money


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10 comments on “I have money
  1. sanjana says:

    when we need to use ‘हैं’ and ‘है’ in the sentences? please explain

  2. Sapphirebcf says:

    What is गया and when to use it? Please explain !

  3. teena says:

    Excellent classes. Now. Iam able to understand. What my friends. R saying .thsnk a lottt

  4. Ellie says:

    The question from Sanjana is what I am also wondering.

    I believe what Sanjana is asking is: When to use Hain and Hai.. here you use hain for every form other than mere.. even tumhaare and uske (he) is hain? I thought hain was either plural or formal?

    many thanks


  5. Amrutha says:

    What is the difference between has and have in hindi?

  6. Raj Kumar says:

    You Said “mere paas phone hain” mean “i have phone”
    thn how to say “i have no Phone” or “i am not having phone”

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