Your introduction in Hindi

your introduction in hindi

You will learn first person pronoun in Hindi. This lesson will help you to tell your name and basic information about you in Hindi.

The first person pronoun in English is “I” as in ” I am _______”.  Hindi equivalent for English “I” is “मैं (main)”.

“am” is a  be verb. Together ” I am” translates to ” “मैं ____हूँ”. (main —-hoon) in Hindi.

Hindi follows Subject-Object-Verb format. All Hindi sentences end with verbs. “हूँ” (hoon) is a Hindi “be verb” like “am” in English only used for first person pronouns.

Hindi English
मैं पीटर हूँ |
(main peter hoon)
I am peter
मैं spiderman हूँ |
(main spiderman hoon)
I am the spiderman
मैं photographer हूँ |
(main photographer hoon)
I am a photographer.
मैं अमेरिकन  हूँ |
(main american hoon)
I am american.
मैं awesome हूँ |
(main awesome hoon)
I am awesome.



What I learned : मै—-हूँ (main) =  I am_____ .



Quiz: Translate the following sentences to Hindi

I am
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मैं हूँ | (main hoon)
I am Peter
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मैं पीटर हूँ | (main peter hoon)
I am John
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मैं जॉन हूँ|(main john hoon)
I am Teena
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मैं टीना हूँ| (main teena hoon)
I am Rock
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मैं रॉक हूँ| (main rock hoon)
I am a doctor
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मैं डॉक्टर हूँ | (main doctor hoon)

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  1. main going to new delhi for education exchange with nurses hoon. So excited to find this site and learn a little hindi b4 my trip in march. Thanks

    1. You can say ‘कमाल(kamaal)’.

      This is awesome website = यह कमाल की वेबसाइट है | (yah kamaal ki website hai)

  2. Very good lesson! Please add audio, though. I know nasalised vowels are difficult for English-speakers to pronounce, and it’s hard to tell if I’m getting it right.

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