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In English, the infinitive form of a verb is usually preceded by “to”.

for example, to eat, to play, to wake up, to sleep are all infinitive form of verbs in English.

When these verbs are used in sentences, they get different endings depending upon the tense in which it is used.

for example, in a  continuous tense, verbs  get suffix -ing (play-ing, jump-ing, laugh-ing)

in simple past tense, verbs get suffix -id.(play-ed, jump-ed,laugh-ed)

This is called inflection. See: Inflection in Hindi

Hindi is no different.

All Hindi verbs have their infinitive form and in their infinitive form Hindi verbs end with a suffix -ना (naa) .

For example:  To wake up  is उठ-ना (uth-naa)

or                       To go   is  जा -ना (jaa-naa).

In the infinitive form  of the verb “उठ-ना ” the root of the verb is  “उठ” (uth)  or

in the infinitive form of the verb “जा -ना “ the root of the verb is “जा” (jaa).

When these verbs are used in different tenses, the root of the verb takes different suffix.(just like English)

The suffix you attach also depends on the gender of the person talking.

for example, in  present continuous tense, verbs  get suffix -रहा हूँ (rahaa hoon)  when a man is speaking  and रही हूँ (rahee hoon)  when a woman is speaking

(M)मैं उठ रहा हूँ  (main uth rahaa hoon) =  I am waking up.

(F) मैं उठ रही हूँ | (main uth rahee hoon) =  I am waking up.

Simple Hindi verbs in their infinitive form
उठना(uthnaa) To wake up, To stand up
खाना(khaana) To eat
पीना(peenaa) To drink
जाना(jaanaa) To go
आना(aanaa) To come
सोना(sonaa) To sleep
बोलना(bolnaa) To speak
सीखना(seekhnaa) To learn

Simple Hindi Verbs

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  1. I start to learn hindi in this actully i thought hindi is very tafh to speak but now am feeling it is very esy….and that test u gives knw that is also more use full …really I would like to say thank u…

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