I want you in Hindi

In this Hindi tutorial

You will learn the usage of Hindi verb “to want”.

You will learn to make sentences like “I want you”  or “I want something” in Hindi.

“to want”  means “चाहना (chaahnaa)” in Hindi.

Ideally, “I want water”  should be said like  मैं पानी चाहता हूँ   or मैं पानी चाहती हूँ |

But in the case of verb “to want” , it is generally used in the imperative form.

so “I want water” is more like you are requesting someone for water. The verb takes the imperative form.

The verb endings for imperative form are covered in this lesson : Requests in Hindi

Hindi English
मुझे पानी चाहिए |muze paani chahiye I want some water.
मुझे टिकट चाहिए |muze tikat chahiye I want a ticket.
उसे मदद चाहिए |use madad chahiye He/She wants some help.
रमेश को नौकरी चाहिए |ramesh ko naukari chahiye Ramesh wants a job.
तुम्हे पैसे चाहिए |tumhe paise chahiye You want money.
मुझे पत्नी चाहिए |muze patnee chahiye I want a wife.
मुझे १०० रूपए चाहिए |muze sau rupaye chahiye I want 100 Rs.


  1. Hello,

    Please can anybody help a bit out.
    From this section I found missing the western translation of the verb.
    Like we now learn ‘I want’ and am wandering what is the original verb?
    I think it must be ‘chahiye’

    Can you make the structure again like in the first lesson of the session where there is a bit more explaination.

    Also I did liked soo much the lessons with questions to answer.

    Maybe when the creator of this site is inspired he/ she can make more practice questions like this?

    And of course by the way, Thank you soo very much creating this website (bahut danyawaad! main bahut khush hain!)
    🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Rene,

      Thank you for letting me something which I was not aware of. The rules for this lesson are not taught in previous lesson, so it is very natural for a learner to get confused here. I have added an explanation before examples explaining the usage of verb “to want” in Hindi.Hope this lesson will make more sense now.


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