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In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn to use “can” in Hindi

Using “can” in Hindi is very similar to what we do in English.

In English , we put “can” before the root form of the verb,

For example :  I can do it or I can play.

“can” is a modal and it is placed before a verb in English.

In Hindi we do something opposite.

Lets learn step by step :

“can” means “सकना” (saknaa)

“can do” means “कर सकना ” (kar saknaa)

“can play” means “खेल सकना” (khel saknaa)

These all are infinitive forms

but in a sentence it becomes

“I can play” means “मैं  खेल सक-ता/ती हूँ”   (main khel saktaa hoon)

” I can do ” means ” मैं कर सक-ता/ती हूँ ” (main kar saktaa hoon)


मैं हिंदी बोल सकता हूँ |main hindi bol saktaa hoon I can speak Hindi.
वह कर सकती है|vah kar saktee hai She can do it.
ओबामा राष्ट्रपति बन सकता है |obama rashtrapati ban saktaa hai Obama can become president.
आप किताब लिख सकते हो |aap kitaab likh sakte ho You can write a book.
हम मैच जीत सकते है |ham match jeet sakte hai We can win match.

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  1. hi sir/mam myself nandhakumar i want communication with hindi not write letters u find what a easy way to speak hindi also give easy website to speak hindi freely………rgds nandha kumar

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