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Often we find ourselves giving excuses to people around us. Whether they are  to boss for bunking the office or to Mom for not taking the milk. Of-course, our excuses are backed by some kind of rational reasoning to make them look like the truth. While doing so, we use English conjunction “because”. In Hindi, you don’t do anything different. You just replace “because” with “क्यूंकि(kyun ki)  in the sentence.Lets go through the following examples because that’s the easiest way to quickly absorb the new word.

मेरे पास लाल पेन हैं क्यूंकि  मुझे लाल रंग पसंद हैं |(mere paas laal pen hain kyunki mujhe laal rang pasand hain)

I have a red pen because I like the red color.

भारत हरा क्यूंकि सचिन खेला नहीं | (bhaarat haraa kyunki sachin khelaa naheen)

India lost because Sachin didn’t play.

 आज छुट्टी  हैं  क्यूंकि आज रविवार हैं | (aaj chhutti hain kyun ki aaj ravivaar hain)

Today is holiday because today is Sunday.

क्यूंकि (kyunki) = because

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9 comments on ““because” in Hindi
  1. Dennis says:

    thank u so much for those wonderful lessons special thanks to mindurhindi teams

  2. Sapphirebcf says:

    Doesn’t हरा mean green but you have written as lost.

  3. aysha says:

    is it?

  4. alia fawcett says:

    @Sapphirebcf yes I thought the same thing, but i am guessing haraa must be the past masculine conjugation of HARNAA- to lose.. we learnt a new verb! 🙂

  5. Arun B S says:

    Which is correct ?
    1.आज छुट्टी है ।(hai)
    2.आज छुट्टी हैँ ।(hain)

  6. Santosh says:

    What is the pronunciation of Kyun Ki? Kun Ki?

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