Hindi Verb – होना (honaa)

In this Hindi tutorial

In this Hindi lesson, we will see a magical Hindi verb – होना (hona)

It is magical because this simple verb with two letters has multiple meanings.

When used with proper conjugations, this verb gives different meaning to sentences.

Let us see the different forms of होना (hona) with examples.

होना (hona) – as a “be verb”

होना (hona) is like “to be” of English.

Like “am”,”is”,”will be” are forms of “to be” in English, the Hindi “be verbs” like “हूँ”(hoon) , “है”(hain) are forms to “होना”(honaa)

“होना”(honaa) tells you the state of a being.

The various forms of “होना”(honaa) in present and past tense are covered in this lesson: Be verbs in Hindi .

What is not covered till yet is the forms of होना (hona) in future tense.

Now that we have seen the future tense in Hindi, we will make sentences on “होना”(honaa) in future tense.

All the sentences given below the state of a being in future.

The suffixes root verb “होना”(honaa) takes are similar to those other verbs take in future tense in Hindi.

कल बारिश होगी |(kal baarish hogi) It will rain tomorrow
कल सात बजे सूर्यास्त होगा |(kal saat baje suryaast hogaa) Sun will set at 7 o’clock tomorrow.
मेरा काम आठ बजे खत्म होगा |(meraa kaam aath baje khatm hoga) My work will be over at 8 o’clock.
हमारा देश सुन्दर होगा |(hamaaraa desh sundar hogaa) Our country will be beautiful
मेरा नाम पीटर होगा(meraa naam peter hogaa) My name will be Peter.
मैं एक दिन बुढा हूँगा |(main ek din budhaa hoonga) I will be old one day.
मोनिका एक दिन अमीर होगी |(monikaa ek din ameer hogi) Monika will be rich one day.
हम कामयाब होंगे |(hum kaamyaab honge) We will be successful.

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