Hindi Verb: काम करना (kaam karnaa) – To work

Quiz: Translate the following sentences to Hindi

I work
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मैं काम करता/ती हूँ | (main kaam kartaa/tee hoon)
I am working
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मैं काम कर रहा /रही हूँ | (main kaam kar raha/rahee hoon)
Peter is working
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पीटर काम कर रहा हैं |(peter kaam kar rahaa hain)
We are working
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हम काम कर रहे हैं | (ham kaam kar rahe hain)
We work
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हम काम करते हैं | (ham kaam karte hain)
You work
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तुम काम करते हो /करती हो |(vtum kaam karte ho/kartee ho)
You are working
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तुम काम कर रहे /रही हो | (tum kaam kar rahe/rahee ho)
I worked
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मैंने काम किया | (maine kaam kiyaa)
He worked
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उसने काम किया | (usne kaam kiyaa)
We worked
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हमने काम किया |(hamne kaam kiyaa)
They worked
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उन्होंने काम किया | (unhone kaam kiyaa)
Peter worked
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पीटर ने काम किया | (peter ne kaam kiyaa)
Monika worked
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मोनिका ने काम किया |(monikaa ne kaam kiyaa)
I will work
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मैं काम करूँगा/गी (main kaam karungaa/gee)
We will work
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हम काम करेंगे (ham kaam karenge)
He will work
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वह काम करेगा | (vah kaam karegaa)
They will work
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वे काम करेंगे | (ve kaam karenge)
You will work
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तुम काम करोगे |(tum kaam karoge)


  1. I tried to do this quizz and I have problems to understand the diverence between hoon and hain
    Don’t really know what they mean and re reasons why
    Thank you btw for these lessons
    It helps me very much

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