Hindi Postpositions : Where to…..Where from

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn to make sentences using ” From ” and “To” in Hindi.

From = -से

You’ll also learn to answer questions like

Where are you going?

Where are you coming from ?

So let us start

In Hindi as you know from previous lessons, postpositions are kept behind the word.

For  example, “from Mumbai ” will be “Mumbai from”  in Hindi that is ” मुंबई से (mumbai se)

Let us see this with more examples. See the tables below.

Using “from” in Hindi

मैं मुंबई से हूँ | (main mumbai se hoon) I am from Mumbai.
पीटर अमरीका से हैं | (peter amreeka se hain) Peter is from America.
भारत से तीन लोग हैं | (bhaarat se teen log hain) 3 people are from India.
मैं दिल्ली से आ रहा हूँ | (main dilli se aa raha hoon) I am coming from Delhi.
पीटर , आप सोमवार से आइए | (peter,aap somvaar se aaeeye) Peter, you come from Monday onwards.

Using “to” in Hindi

There is no Hindi equivalent for English “to”.

मैं मुम्बई जाता हूँ | (main mumbai jaataa hoon) I go to Mumbai.
पीटर अमरीका जाता हैं | (peter amreeka jaataa hain) Peter goes to America.
भारत कौन जा रहा हैं ? (bhaarat kaun jaa raha hain) Who’s going to India?
मैं भारत आ रहा हूँ | (main bhaarat aa raha hoon) I am coming to India.


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