Hindi Postpositions – Since and Till

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn Hindi equivalent of English prepositions “Since” and “Till”.

These prepositions are used in context of time.

For example: Since morning……Till night  or Since January..

Since = -से (se)

Till = -तक (-tak)


सुबह से (subah se) = Since morning

शाम तक (shaam tak) = Till evening

रात से (raat se) = Since Night

दोपहर तक (dopahar tak) = till afternoon

दो बजे से तीन बजे तक  (do baje se teen baje tak) = Since/From two o’clock till 3 o’clock.

More examples

मैं दो बजे से होमवर्क कर रहा हूँ | (main do baje se homework kar rahaa hoon)

I have been doing homework since two o’clock.

मैं जून से तुम्ह्रारा इन्तेजार कर रहा हूँ | (main june se tumhaara intezaar kar rahaa hoon)

I have been waiting for you since June.

तुम नौ बजे तक आ सकते हो | (tum nau baje tak aa sakte ho)

You can come till 9′ o clock.

मैं सुबह से भूका हूँ | (main subah se bhooka hoon)

I am hungry since morning.


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  1. To my opinion , the meaning of ‘दोपहर’ should be ‘noon’ , since the word is derived from Sanskrit ‘dviprahara’ , which literally means ‘two praharas’ , where one prahara is equivalent to three hours . In Bangla , ‘দুপুর'(dupur) means ‘noon’ . But you have written ‘afternoon’ . Is that correct ?

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