Hindi Postposition- Above and Below

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn how to use Hindi equivalent of English prepositions “above” and “below”.

above= -के ऊपर (ke oopar)

below= -के नीचे (ke neeche)

For example

टेबल के ऊपर (table ke upar) = Above the table

टेबल के नीचे (table ke neeche) = Below the table

आकाश के ऊपर (aakaash ke oopar) = Above the sky

आकाश के नीचे (aakaash ke neeche)= Below the sky

मेरे ऊपर (mere oopar) = above me

मेरे नीचे (mere neeche) = Below me

तुम्हारे ऊपर (tumhaare oopar) = Above you

तुम्हारे नीचे (tumhaare neeche) = Below you

उसके ऊपर (uske oopar) = Above him

उसके नीचे (uske neeche) = Below him

हमारे ऊपर (hamare oopar) = Above us

हमारे नीचे (hamaare neeche) = Below us

उनके ऊपर (unke oopar) = Above them

उनके नीचे (unke neeche)= Below them

Example sentences

भारत के नीचे श्रीलंका है | (bhaarat ke neeche sri lanka hai) = Sri Lanka is below India.

भारत के ऊपर हिमालय है | (bhaarat ke oopar himaalay hai) = Himalayas are above India.

मेरे ऊपर पक्षी उड़ रहा है | (mere upar pakshee ud rahaa hai) = Bird is flying above me.

तुम्हारे नीचे पानी है | (tumhaare neeche paani hai) = Water is below you.

हमारे ऊपर आकाश है और नीचे धरती है | (haamare oopar aakaash hai aur neeche dhartee hai) = Sky is above us and Earth is below us.

देखो , तुम्हारे ऊपर कौन है ? (dekho tumhaare upar kaun hai) = See, who is above you ?

मेरिट लिस्ट में मेरे ऊपर पीटर है और नीचे मोनिका | (merit list me mere upar peter hai aur neeche monika)= In merit list, Peter is above me and Monica is below me.




  1. therefore just to be on the safe side, when i come across upar in this lesson, just think oopar is more correct. I am really trying to learn this wonderful language and this site is a great tool for enhancing my knowledge and when i come across two different types of spelling for the same thing, i am easily confuse do to the newness of the language and not knowing what is acceptable

    1. English transliteration of Hindi words is provided as as a support. You should not rely on transliterated words for pronunciation. Ideal practice should be to read in Devanagri script .

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