Hindi Adjectives : Numerals

Adjective Masculine Feminine
1st पहला (pahala) पहली (pahalee)
2nd दूसराः (dusrah) दूसरी(dusree)
3rd तीसरा (teesra) तीसरी (teesree)
4th चौथा (chautha) चौथी (chauthee)
5th पांचवा (paanchva) पांचवी (paanchvee)
6th छटवां (chattvaan) छटवी (chattvee)
Number th Number + वा Number + वी


पहला प्यार

pahalaa pyaar

1st love
दुसरा नंबर

dusraa number

2nd number
तीसरी मंजिल

teesreee manjil

3rd floor
चौथी गाडी

chauthee gaadi

4th vehicle
पांचवा स्टेशन

paanchvaa station

5th station
बारवी ट्रेन

baarvee train

12th train
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5 comments on “Hindi Adjectives : Numerals
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  2. vargheese says:

    The way of teaching hindi is excellent.

  3. Balu says:

    Very Very nice way to learn Hindi.
    But how we recognise thing nouns either masculine noun or feminine noun? please reply.

  4. rupali says:

    Could you post a list of feminine and masculine nouns to memorize if u are having or if you could get to manage one??

  5. kitty says:

    this site is very good. the only problem i have with hindi is to identify musculine n feminine words

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