Hindi Adjectives : Colors

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to make sentences using adjectives in Hindi


How to tell color of a person or a thing.

But, before moving ahead, you must know inflecting and non-inflecting adjectives.

Take a quick review of this lesson : Adjectives in Hindi

and also Colors in Hindi.

All colors except red are inflecting adjectives : which means

to describe masculine nouns, adjectives will take the sound of -aa at the end.

example :  हरा फोन (haraa phone) = Green Phone

पिला आकाश (pilaa aakash) = Yellow sky

to describe feminine nouns, adjectives will take the sound of  -ee at the end.

example :  हरी किताब (haree kitaab) = Green Book.

पिली कार (pilee car) = Yellow car.

Hindi English
मेरा पेन काला है |

mera pen kaalaa hain

My pen is black.
मेरी कार काली है |

meri car kaali hain

My car is black.
यह नदी नीली है |

yah nadee neelee hain|

This river is blue.
आकाश नीला हैं |

aakaash neelaa hain|

The sky is blue.
पेड़ हरा हैं |

ped haraa hain

The tree is green.
किताब हरी हैं |

kitaab haree hain

The book is green.
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5 comments on “Hindi Adjectives : Colors
  1. Balu says:

    I didn’t understand one thing. you had using “Hara Phone” in masculine noun. But you had also using “Haree Kithab” in feminine noun. they are also things. how will you use masculine noun. the both are things so we have to use feminine nouns. Please Reply.

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      Hi Balu,
      Thanks for learning Hindi at mindurhindi.com.
      Coming to your doubt,

      Gender is not decided by whether the noun is a thing or a place or a person. There are no specific rules to decide a gender of noun.You should not generalize that all things are either masculine or feminine. They can be anything.
      Phone is a masculine noun
      Kitab is a feminine noun

      Hence haraa phone and haree kitab

      • balu821@gmail.com says:

        Thank you for Reply.

        But object is always related to subject and verb(even masculine noun or feminine noun right?) especially things like kitab, phone, computer, pen how will we recognise them, is it masculine noun or feminine noun? reply with some examples. please.

        • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

          Sorry, I can’t be of any help. There are no specific rules to identify genders . You only have to memorize them.

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