Hindi adjectives on appearance

marathi adjectives

पीटर अच्छा लड़का हैं |

(peter acchha ladkaa hain)

Peter is a good boy.
मोनिका अच्छी लड़की हैं |

(monika acchhee ladkee hain)

Monika is a good girl.
रमेश गोरा हैं |

(ramesh goraa hain)

Ramesh is fair.
करीना गोरी हैं |

(kareenaa goree hain)

Kareena is fair.
पीटर लंबा हैं |

(peter lambaa hain)

Peter is tall.
मोनिका लंबी हैं |

(monikaa lambee hain)

Monika is tall.
सुरेश बुढा हैं |

(suresh budhaa hain)

Suresh is old.
रवीना बुढी हैं |

(raveenaa budhee hain)

Raveena is old.
वह बहुत सुन्दर हैं |

(vah bahut sundar hain)

She is very beautiful.
वह बहुत मोटा हैं |

(vah bahut motaa hain)

He is very fat.

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2 comments on “Hindi adjectives on appearance
  1. Kushi says:

    how to say “ramesh is short” ?

    & how to say “he is bad” ?

  2. Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

    Ramesh is short – ramesh chhotaa hai
    or ramesh naataa hai

    He is bad – vah buraa hai

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