He is my friend

he is in hindi

In this Hindi Lesson
You will learn third person pronouns in Hindi

You will learn make following sentences in Hindi.

She is beautiful

She is my friend.

The concept of third person pronouns in Hindi is slightly different from what it is there in English. The use of pronoun depends upon the distance between you and a person you want to talk about.

Let us take the example of Peter. If Peter is standing near then you’ll use  the pronoun “यह(yah)”  and if he away from you then you’ll use the pronoun “वह(vah)” . These pronouns यह-वह  do not depend on the gender of the person you are talking about. Whether it is Peter or Teena, pronoun remains the same.

Hindi English
First Person Singular मैं पीटर हूँ|

main peter hoon

I am Peter
Third  Person(close to you) यह पीटर है |

yah peter hai

He is  Peter/This is Peter
Third Person(away from you) वह पीटर है |

vah peter hai

He is  Peter/That is Peter
Third  Person(close to you) यह टीना है |

yah teena hai

She is Teena/This is Teena
Third Person(away from you) वह टीना है |

vah teena hai

She is Teena/That is Teena
यह -वह (yah-vah) = He,She

Third person pronouns

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  1. I need urgent reply for this.
    yeh = yah
    vah = voh. Hindi admi mostly using voh instead of vah. then yeh instead of yah.
    final query is?
    we need audio for each Hindi word and sentenc. please help me

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