FutureTense in Hindi

You know now. Changing tense in Hindi means changing the suffix behind the root verb. Future tense in Hindi is no exception to this rule. The following table will explain you different suffixes used in future tense for different pronouns.

मैं समोसा खा-ऊँगा (main samosa khaaunga)-Male

मैं समोसा खा-ऊँगी (main samosa khaaungi)-Female

I’ll eat Samosa.
मैं पेप्सी पी-ऊँगा (main pepsi peeungaa)-Male

मैं पेप्सी पी-उँगी (main pepsi peeungi)-Female

I’ll drink Pepsi
मैं अमरीका जा-ऊँगा (main amrica jaungaa)-Male

मैं अमरीका जा-ऊँगी (main amrica jaaungee)-Female

I’ll go to America
तुम समोसा खा-ओगे (tum samosaa khaaoge)

आप  समोसा खा-ओगे (aap samosa khaaoge)

You’ll eat Samosa.
तुम पेप्सी पी-ओगे (tum pepsi peeoge)

आप  पेप्सी पी-ओगे (aap pepsi peeoge)

You’ll drink Pepsi
तुम अमरीका जा-ओगे (tum amrica jaaoge)

आप अमरीका जा-ओगे (aap amrica jaaoge)

You’ll go to America
पीटर समोसा खा-एगा (peter samosa khaaega)

मोनिका समोसा खा-एगी (monica samosa khaegee)

Peter will eat Samosa.

Monica will eat Samosa

पीटर पेप्सी पी-एगा (peter pepsi peeyega)

मोनिका पेप्सी पी-एगी (monica pepsi peeyegee)

Peter will drink Pepsi

Monica will drink Pepsi

पीटर अमरीका जा-एगा (peter amrica jaaega)

मोनिका अमरीका जा-एगी (monica amrica jaaegi)

Peter will go to America

Monica will go to America


  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I am facing with regular power cuts and also i am having small baby who 6 months old.So i am unable to catch the lessons.Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sir. For giving detailed lessons about the tenses in Hindi and the method of using suffixes for pronouns. Any how if have doubt i will ask you. Thank you.

  3. mein karungee for I will do.
    tum karugee –you will do.
    meena karegee –Meena will do
    Are they correct?

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