Either-or ……Neither-nor

In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn to use Hindi equivalent words for English conjunctions “either-or and neither-nor”.

You’ll learn to make sentences like:

Either tea or coffee


Neither red nor blue… in Hindi.

The Hindi equivalent for  either-or is ” या —-या  (ya—ya)”

The Hindi equivalent for  neither-or is ” न —-न  (na—na)”

Let us learn this through examples

या चाय या कॉफ़ी |

(ya tea ya coffee)

Either tea or coffee
न चाय न कॉफ़ी |

(na chaay na coffee)

Neither tea nor coffee
मैं या हिंदी सीखूंगा या मराठी.

(main ya hindi seekhunga ya marathi)

I’ll learn either Hindi or Marathi.
मैं न हिंदी सीखूंगा न मराठी.

(main na hindi seekhunga na marathi)

I’ll learn neither Hindi nor Marathi.




  1. You have mentioned “The Hindi equivalent for all either-or is ” न —-न (na—na)”. Is it neither nor?

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