In this HIndi tutorial

You’ll learn how to make sentences using “but” in Hindi.

The Hindi word for “but” is “लेकिन” (lekin).

Let us learn this through examples

आय फोन अच्छा हैं लेकिन महंगा हैं |(iphone acchha hain lekin mehangaa hain) iphone is good but it is costly.
पानी साफ हैं लेकिन ठंडा हैं |(paani saaf hain lekin thandaa hain) Water is clean but it is cold.
धन्यवाद लेकिन मैं आ नहीं सकता |(dhanyavaad lekin main aa nahi saktaa) Thank you but I can not come.
मैं हिंदी पढ़ सकता हूँ लेकिन लिख नहीं सकता हूँ |(main hindi padh saktaa hoon lekin likh nahi saktaa hoon) I can read HIndi but I can not write.
मेरे पास पेन हैं लेकिन वह लाल हैं |(mera paas pen hain lekin vah laal hain) I have a pen but it is red.

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  1. In the sentence’Thankyou but I can not come’,u have ended the sentence with ‘saktha’.but in the following sentences, it is ended with ‘hoon’.which one is correct??

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