Be verbs in Hindi : 2

In this Hindi Lesson
You’ll learn “Be verbs” for pronouns in Plural case
हम भारतीय  है |(ham bhaartiyaa hain) We are Indians.
हम भारतीय  थे |(ham bhaartiyaa the) We were Indians.
हम____ है (ham____ hain) = We are
आप भारतीय  है |(aap bhaartiyaa hain) You are Indians.
आप भारतीय  थे |(aap bhaartiyaa the) You were Indians.
आप____ है (aap____ hain) = You are
वे भारतीय  है |(ve bhaartiyaa hain) They are Indians.
वे भारतीय  थे |(ve bhaartiyaa the) They were Indians.
वे____ है (ve____ hain) = They are


    1. According to English,

      subject verb present past

      1 st person ===> main seekhtha/thi hoon tha
      2 nd person ===> tum ,aap seekhthe/thi ho the
      3 rd person ===> vah/yah,vo/ye seekhtha/thi/the hain the

  1. In the previous lesson for ‘you are’ the hindi equivalent is stated as ‘aap ho’. In this lesson it is stated as ‘aap hain’. please explain.

  2. If, ‘we’ are a group of females, would you use हम थी ?
    हम भारतीय थी — We [girls] were Indian?

    Likewise, when speaking to a group of females,
    would you use आप थी ?

    And talking about a group of girls,
    वे/ye थी ?

    Or does ‘were’ stay as थे in the above?

  3. I am excited to read and am trying to understand the small difference in the grammar . Thank you and of course if you have the collection of all the things in book form,kindly intimate .

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