Learn Hindi : Lessons


Lesson 1: Hindi Pronouns
  1. Your introduction in Hindi.
        • Exercise    →    1.1    1.2
  2. Tell your name in Hindi
        • Exercise    →    2.1    2.2
  3. Describe someone in Hindi.
        • Exercise    →    3.1    3.2
  4. Introduce someone in Hindi.
        • Exercise    →    4.1    4.2
  5. Describe the third person.
        • Exercise    →    5.1 
  6.  Introduce the third person. 
        • Exercise    →    6.1    6.2
  7. Tell who we are
  8. Tell what we have.

Lesson 2: Tenses and Verbs
  1. Hindi Be verbs-1
  2. Hindi Be verbs-2
        • Exercise  →   2.2.1
  3. Introduction to Hindi Verbs
  4. Present tense in Hindi-1
  5. Present tense in Hindi -2
        • Exercise  →   2.5.1
  6. Present tense in Hindi-3
        • Exercise  →   2.6.1
  7. Present tense in Hindi-4
        • Exercise  →   2.7.1
  8. Summary-Present tense in Hindi
  9. Continuous tense in Hindi-1
  10. Continuous tense in Hindi-2
  11. Transitivity of Hindi verbs
  12. Past tense -1: Intransitive verbs
  13. Past tense -2: Intransitive verbs
  14. Past tense-3 : Transitive verbs
  15. Future tense in Hindi

Lesson 3: Verbs and Practice

Lesson 4: Questions in Hindi
Lesson 5: Negation in Hindi
Lesson 6: Modal verbs in Hindi
  1. Can – say “I can speak Hindi”
  2. Could – say “We could win”
  3. Like – say “I like you”
  4. Want – say “I want a wife”
  5. Need – say “I need money”
  6. Have – say “I have money”
  7. Should – say “I should go home”
  8. होना (honaa) – say “I will be rich”


Lesson 7: Adjectives in Hindi
Lesson 8: Hindi Postpositions
Lesson 9: Hindi Conjunctions
Lesson 10: Imperatives


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