Hindi vowels: अ to ऊ

Vowels are those letters which can be pronounced with an open vocal track or without touching the tongue anywhere inside the mouth. There are twelve such letters in Hindi . This lesson we are going to see only first six of them. Other six we shall see in the next lesson once we master the first six Hindi vowels here.

Down below there is a presentation on Hindi vowels.Each slide in the presentation shows a Hindi alphabet and its sound. Just below the presentation,you have the explanations.All you have to do is to go through each letter one by one. Observe them peacefully. Try to memorize them. You may feel like giving up. Take it as a challenge.Just spend some time and once you gain confidence, try to solve the quiz after you learn all 6 letters. Do not forget to tell me the number of correct questions you got by leaving a comment below. Best of luck.

अ (a)

आ (aa)

1. Hindi alphabets:  अ

“अ” is a short vowel. It is pronounced like first A in America or U in utter or A in Afghanistan.

2. Hindi alphabets:  आ

“आ”  is a long vowel. It has the sound of “I” in  Ice or the sound of AA in grAAs. “आ” is made by drawing a straight line next to अ. This line is called “maatraa” in Hindi.

3. Hindi alphabets:  इ

“इ” is a short vowel.It is pronounced like “e” in e-ager or  “i” in i-nternational.

4. Hindi alphabets:  ई

“ई” is a long vowel.It has the same sound as that of “इ” but being a long vowel it doesn’t end abruptly. It has the sound of “EE” in gEEk or “EE” in Greek.

5. Hindi alphabets:  उ

” is a short  vowel. It has the sound of “oo” in Google.

6. Hindi alphabets:  ऊ

” is a long vowel. It is pronounced  like short except for a little longer time.

Quiz: Identify the correct sound

Sound of U in pUt
Sound of A in grAss
Sound of EE in dEEp
Sound of U in Urge
Sound of A in Africa
Sound of I in pIn
Sound of A in America
Sound of oo in Good
Sound of u in pUll
Sound of U in Up
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  14. SFina says:

    93%… not bad, i think 🙂
    it will help a lot if there is an audio pronouncing the words. different culture gives different point of view.
    only a suggestion, though 🙂
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