Barakhadi of “क”

1 क  + अ

k   + a

क (ka)
  • Curtain
  • kodaK
2 क  + आ

k   + aa

  • ameriKA
  • CArtoon
3 क  + इ

k   + i

  • Kimberly
  • Kill
4 क  + ई

k   + ee

  • Keen
  • Keep
5 क  + उ

k   + u

  • anKUsh
  • Kudos
6 क  + ऊ

k   + oo

  • Cool


7 क  + ए

k   + ae

  • Ketchup
  • Kentucky
8 क  + ऐ

k   + ei

  • Kailas
  • Kaisar
9 क  + ओ

k   + o

  • Cobalt
  • Coke
10 क  + औ

k   + ou

  • Couch
11 क  + अं

k   + an/m

  • Company
  • Contamination
12 क  + अ:

k   + aha

क: (kaha)
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2 comments on “Barakhadi of “क”
  1. B.Lakshmi prabha says:

    superb!very interesting to learn hindi

  2. Indu lakshmi Mohan Menon says:

    My name is Indu. My children are now in 3rd std. They took French as second language. Now I changed French as third language and took Hindi as second language , but in the class all the other students have learned Hindi from the first standard hence they know all the alphabets and words now but where as my children have to learn from the beginning Could you pls advice me how to teach them using your guidelines. Just now only I found you website . I felt very interesting and useful but as I didn’t know and I feel little tensed to about how to teach them. That is why I am requesting to give me some ideas to teach and the best method to teach your guidelines,

    Thanking you

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