I forgot my password

Learn how to use the verb “to forget” in Hindi. In this lesson, we will try to make sentences like “I forgot my password” or “He forgot his keys” or “Peter always forgets me” in Hindi.

“to forget” means “भूल जाना (bhul jaanaa)”in Hindi.

The past tense of “भूल जाना  (bhul jaanaa)” is “भूल गया/गई (bhul gayaa/gayee)”

Let us learn this with examples.

मैं password भूल गया | (main password bhul gayaa) = I forgot the password

मैं सुबह उठना भूल गई |(main subah uthnaa bhul gayee)  = I forgot to wake up in the morning.

वह अपनी चाबियाँ भूल गया | (vah apni chaabiyaa bhul gayaa) = He forgot his keys.

पीटर हमेशा मुझे भूल जाता है | (peter hameshaa mujhe bhul jaataa hai) = Peter always forgets me.

मैं तुम्हे कभी नहीं भूलूंगा | (main tumhe kabhi nahi bhulungaa) = I will never forget you.

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