I believe in god

Learn how to use the verb “to believe” in Hindi. Learn to make sentences like “I believe in you” or “I believe I can do this work” in Hindi.

To believe is  ”विश्वास करना “(vishwaas karnaa) where “विश्वास ” means “belief”

मेरा भगवन पर विश्वास है |  (mera bhagwaan par vishwas hai).

It literally means I believe on god.


मुझे तुम पे विश्वास है  | . (mujhe tumpe vishwas hai) = I believe in you.

मुझे विश्वास है | (mujhe vishwas hai) = I believe

मुझे विश्वास है कि यह काम मैं कर सकता /ती  हूँ |(malaa vishwaas hai ki yah kaam main kar saktaa/tee hoon) = I believe I can do this work.

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