Come with me

Learn how to say “come with me” in Hindi. In this lesson we will learn to make sentences using “with”. We will try to make sentences like “come with me” or “play with me” or “go with Peter” in Hindi. All these sentences involve use of Hindi Postposition “साथ (saath)”.

मेरे साथ आओ | (mere saath aao) = Come with me.

मेरे साथ खेलो | (mere saath khelo) = Play with me.

पीटर के साथ जाओ  | (peter ke saath jao) = Go with Peter.

All these sentences use imperative form of verbs.

More on imperative verbs in Hindi can be learned here : Hindi verbs Imperative form 

Similar sentences

उसके साथ बैठो | (uske saath baitho) = Sit with him/her.

हमारे साथ आओ | (hamaare saath aao) = Come with us.

मोनिका के साथ बोलो | (monika ke saath bolo) = Talk with Monica.

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