How do you say “This phone is mine” in Hindi ?

यह फोन मेरा है (yeh phone meraa hai)

This phone is mine .

यह देश मेरा है | (yeh desh meraa hai)

This country is mine.

यह शहर मेरा है |(yeh shehar meraa hai)

This city is mine.

यह दुनिया मेरी है | (yeh duniyaa meri hai)

This world is mine.

यह दुनिया आपकी है | (yeh duniyaa aapki hai)

This world is yours.

Quiz: Translate the following sentences to Hindi

This book is mine
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यह किताब मेरी है | yeh kitaab meri hai
This phone is yours
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यह फ़ोन आपका है | yeh phone aapka hai
This house is mine
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यह घर मेरा हैyeh ghar meraa hai


  1. Main Aap ko Bahut danyavad bolta hoo
    . Yah website bahoot acchee hain
    Aur sulab be hain.
    Danyavad aap logo ko.

  2. I very much appreciate this site as it is so useful for the beginners to learn our National Language
    Hats off


  3. Sir Good Evening

    How areyou? I got a doubt in quiz. You have given in quiz this book is mine. In Hindi how to say using meraa or meri is both are
    correct. For eg; In question you have given this world is yours and in yeah duniya aapki hai but in quiz i wrote yeah phone aapki hai but the is wron there is aapka which is right? Pl.clarify.

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