How do you say “This is a good question” in Hindi ?

यह अच्छा सवाल है (yeh acchhaa sawaal hai)

This is a good question .

यह अच्छा फोन है | (yeh acchaa phone hai)

This is a good phone.

यह अच्छी किताब है |(yeh acchee kitaab hai)

This is good book.

यह अच्छी जगह है | (yeh acchee jagah hai)

This is a good place.

ये अच्छे लोग है | (ye acche loag hai)

These are good people.

Quiz: Translate the following sentences to Hindi

This is a good pen
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यह अच्छा पेन है | yeh accha pen hai
This is a good country
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यह अच्छा देश है | yeh accha desh hai
This is a good house
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यह अच्छा घर है |yeh accha ghar hai

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