How do you say “The movie ended” in Hindi?

How do you say sentences like “Elections finished today” or “The movie ended” or “The vacations ended” in Hindi. Let us learn all these sentences in this lesson with the focus on two major verbs : “to end” or “to finish”

“to end” or “to finish” translates to “समाप्त होना” (samaapt hona)”.

Let us learn with this examples

समाप्त (samaapt) = The end

आज चुनाव समाप्त हुआ | (aaj chunaav samaapt hua)=Elections finished today.

फिल्म समाप्त  हुई | (film samaapt hui)=The movie ended.

छुट्टिया समाप्त हुई | (chuutiyaa samaapt hui) = The vacations ended.

समाप्त होना (samaapt honaa) = to end



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