How do you say “smoking is not allowed ” in Hindi ?

In this Hindi lesson, we will make sentences on “not allowed” in Hindi. We will make sentences like “Smoking is not allowed” or “Parking is not allowed” in Hindi.

to not allow = “मना करना”

धुम्रपान करना  मना है | (dhumrapaan karnaa manaa hai) = Smoking is not allowed.

यहाँ गाड़ी खड़ी करना मना है | (yahaan gaadi khadi karnaa manaa hai)= Parking is not allowed here.

बच्चो के लिए प्रवेश मना है | (baccho ke liye pravesh manaa hai)= Entry to kids is restricted/kids not allowed

हसना मना है | (hasnaa manaa hai) = Laughing is not allowed.

यहाँ दारू पीना मना है | (yahaan daaru peena manaa hai) = Drinking liquor is not allowed.

यहाँ गाडी रोकना मना है | (yahaan gaadi roknaa manaa hai) = Stopping vehicle is not allowed.



  1. How does this differ from the verb “to give” (denaa) when you add “-ne” to the end of the verb to create sentences that express “to let” or “to allow”?

    For example,
    “Mujhe bolne do” = Allow me to speak
    “hamaare adyaapak hamen khelne naheen dete” = Our teachers do not let us play

    Is manaa a negative in itself?

    1. Yes. ‘manaa’ is to not allow. The ‘manaa’ is negative in iteself

      The verb is ‘manaa karnaa’ = to disallow, to forbid.

      Hindi bolnaa manaa hai = Speaking Hindi is not allowed

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