How do you say “She smiles a lot” in Hindi ?

वह बहुत हसती है (vah bahut hasati hai)

She smiles a lot.

हस- ना((hasnaa ))

To smile/ to laugh.

पीटर बहुत खाता है ((peter bahut khaataa hai))

Peter eats a lot.

मोनिका बहुत खेलती है (monikaa bahut kheltee hai)

Monica plays a lot.

Quiz: Translate the following sentences to Hindi

Peter laughs a lot
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पीटर बहुत हसता है peter bahut hastaa hai
Monika eats a lot
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मोनिका बहुत खाती है monica bahut khaatee hai
Peter works a lot
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पीटर बहुत काम करता है (peter bahut kaam kartaa hai)


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