How do you say “I’ll be back at 6” in Hindi ?

In this Hindi lesson, we will make sentences on the verb ‘वापस आना(vaapas aana)’ = to come back

मैं वापस आऊंगा/गी |(main vaapas aaungaa/gee)

I’ll come back.

मैं बारा बजे वापस आऊंगा/गी | (main baaraa bajey vaapas aaungaa)

I’ll be back at 12.

मैं मुंबई वापस आऊंगा/गी | (main mumbai vaapas aaungaa)

I’ll come back to Mumbai.

मैं छह बजे वापस आऊंगा/गी | (main chhaha bajey vaapas aaungaa)

I’ll be back at 6.


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