I can not do this.

Let us learn to make sentences using modal verb “can”. Learn how to say “I can do this” or “Can I do this” in Hindi.

The root form of “can” is “सकना” (saknaa). This root form takes different endings in different tenses.

Present tense : मैं कर सकता हूँ  / मैं कर सकती हूँ | (main kar saktaa hoon/saktee hoon) = I can do.

Past tense :  मैं कर सका / मैं कर सकी (main kar sakaa/sakee) = I could do.

Negation : मैं यह कर नहीं सकता /सकती (main kar naheen saktaa/saktee) = I can not do this.

Question: मैं यह कर सकता हूँ क्या  ?  or मैं यह कर सकती हूँ क्या ? (main yah kar saktaa/saktee hoon kya) = Can I do this ?

Find more examples on “CAN” in the following lesson


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