Hindi Possessive Pronouns


Pronoun Possessive form
1st person मैं(main) I मेरा/मेरी/मेरे(meraa/meri/mere) My
2nd person तू(tu)



You तुम्हारा/तुम्हारी/तुम्हारे(tumhaaraa/tumhaari/tumhaare) Your
3rd person यह/वह(yah/vah) He उसका/उसकी/उसके(uskaa/uskee/uske) His
यह/वह(yah/vah) She उसका/उसकी/उसके(uskaa/uskee/uske) Her




Pronoun Possessive form
1st person हम(ham) We हमारा/हमारी/हमारे(hamaraa/hamaari/hamaare) Our
2nd person आप(aap) You आपका /आपकी/आपके(aapkaa/aapkee/aapke) Your
3rd person वे(ve) They उनका/उनकी/उनके(unkaa/unkee/unke) Their


Demonstrative Pronouns in Hindi



Masculine यह लड़का (yah ladkaa) This boy वह लड़का (vah ladkaa) That boy
Feminine यह लड़की(yah ladkee) This girl वह लड़की(vah ladkee) That girl


Plural ये कपडे(ye kapde) These clothes वे कपडे(ye kapde) Those clothes
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