Hindi Nouns-1


You’ll learn how to identify the gender of a Hindi noun. You’ll also learn to use singular and plural nouns in Hindi.

A Hindi noun is either masculine or feminine. Unlike English, Neuter gender does not exist in Hindi.

We will learn nouns in Hindi using two Hindi nouns

1) लड़का (ladkaa)  = a boy

2) लड़की (ladkee) = a girl.

If you carefully observe the first word : लड़का (ladkaa) , it ends with the sound of -aa (आ). Generally, the nouns ending with the sound of -aa are Masculine nouns

For example :  कुत्ता(kutta)=Dog , घोडा(ghoda)= Horse, राजा (raajaa)=King   are all masculine nouns

The second word लड़की (ladkee) ends with the sound of -ee(इ). The nouns generally ending with the sound of -ee are Feminine Nouns

For example :  कुत्ती(kuttee)=Bitch, घोड़ी(ghodee)= Mare (Female Horse), रानी (Raani)=Queen are all feminine nouns.

Now let us see how to make a singular noun into a plural noun.

Masculine nouns ending with the sound of -aa(आ)  take the sound of -e(ए) at the end.

For example

Singular Plural
लड़का (ladkaa) लड़के (ladke)
कुत्ता (kuttaa) कुत्ते (kutte)
घोडा (ghodaa) घोड़े (ghode)
राजा (rajaa) राजे(raaje)

Feminine nouns ending with the sound of –ee(इ)  take the sound of -eenyaa(ईंया) at the end.

Singular Plural
लड़की(ladkee) लडकीयाँ (ladkeeeya)
घोडी (ghodee) घोड़िया (ghodeeyaa)
रानी (raanee) रानीया (raaneeyaa)



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  1. How come a gaadi is captioned FEMININE and Sona is capitoned MASCULINE , is there any justification behind this ?

  2. Thank you so much for this website. I really feel I am learning a lot, but what do several of the words mean from the identify gender
    I had 7 out of 7 right
    Some words did not have the translation
    Can you please let us know

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