Present tense in Hindi :Grammar Rule

Person Singular Plural
1st मैं खाता हूँ | (main khataa hoon)

मैं खाती हूँ | (main khatee hoon)

I eat.

हम खाते है |  (ham khaate hai)


We eat

2nd तू खाता है | ( tu khaataa hai)

तुम खाते हो | (tum khaate ho)

आप खाते हो | (aap khaate ho)


You eat.

आप खाते हो |  (aap khate ho)


You eat

3rd वह खाता है | (vah khata hai)

वह खाती है | (vah khatee hai)


He/She eats.

वे खाते है |  (ve khaate hai )


They eat


  1. Even i referred numerous Hindi learning books
    i could find the tenses. The authors of the books
    not given so importance for the tenses. I want to learn hindi thro’ proper grammatical way.i am
    really happy for recording important information

  2. For all of the plurals there should be a dot over the present tense, but none of these examples show that, why?


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