Tenses in Hindi

Tenses are essential part of learning Hindi.Tenses in Hindi give us idea about the time at which the action took place.  “I play”, “I am playing”, “I played” and “I will play” are  sentences in different tenses. To express a verb in different tenses, either the verb is slightly modified (addition of -ing or -ed at the end) or supporting verbs are used (use of “am” or “will”). These modifications either at the verb or in the sentences are done to express a verb in different tenses. This is what we do in English. Hindi is no different.  In Hindi also, the verbs are either modified or a new supporting verb is introduced to express a sentence in different tenses.

Instead of learning by memorizing tables, it is always better to learn through examples. Following lessons will take you to the individual page of tenses in Hindi. Each tense is explained with numerous examples and instant quizzes.

  1. Introduction to Hindi Verbs
  2. Present tense in Hindi
  3. Present continuous tense in Hindi
  4. Past tense in Hindi
  5. Future tense in Hindi.

The table is given below just to summarize the various tenses in Hindi. However, I recommend you  to learn tenses in Hindi through the lessons given above.

Tenses in Hindi

1. Present Indefinite Tense[See the table here for all pronouns] I read. में पढ़ता हूँ |(main padhta hoon)
2. Present Continuous Tense[See the table here for all pronouns] I am reading. मैं पढ़ रहा हूँ| (main padh rahaa hoon)
3. Present Perfect Tense I have read. मैं पढ़ा हूँ |(main padhaa hoon)
4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense I have been reading. मैं पढ़ता रहा हूँ |(main padhtaa rahaa hoon)


1. Past Indefinite Tense[See the table here for all pronouns] I read. मैं पढा | (main padhaa)
2. Past Continuous Tense I was reading. मैं पढ़ रहा था|(main padh rahaa thaa)
3. Past Perfect Tense I had read. मैं पढा था|(main padhaa thaa)
4. Past Perfect Continous Tense I had been reading. मैं पढ़ता रहा था| main padhtaa rahaa thaa)


1. Future Indefinite Tense I shall read. मैं पढूंगा |(main padhunga)
2. Future Continuous Tense. I shall be reading. मैं पढ़ता रहूंगा|(main padhtaa rahunga)
3. Future Perfect Tense I shall have read. मैं पढ़ा होउंगा|(main padhaa hooungaa)
4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense I shall have been reading. मैं पढ़ता रहा होउंगा| (main padhataa rahaa houngaa)
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    How to say “I respect you” in Hindi.
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    How to say “somebody is waiting for you for a long time”. in Hindi.
    How to say “I have completed my work”in Hindi.
    How to say “tickets cannot be booked after chart preparation” in Hindi

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