Hindi Grammar

A language is “set of words” abiding “set of rules”. This “set of rules” we call it as Grammar. Grammar tells us about the order in which words are to be put to form correct sentences.

Each language has its own rules or its own Grammar.

Hindi grammar is slightly different from English grammar. In the following sections, we will go through the basic blocks of Hindi grammar and compare them with their English counterparts.

Hindi Grammar -Nouns

A noun is a part of speech : Usually a person,  thing ,  place , animal or  idea.

English nouns have three genders : Masculine , Feminine and Neuter

Hindi nouns have only two genders : Masculine and Feminine

Neuter gender does not exist in Hindi.

Hindi nouns have two numbers : Singular and Plural

The rules for understanding Hindi nouns with their genders are given here in this Hindi Grammar Lesson: Hindi nouns and Genders

Hindi Grammar -Pronouns

Pronouns are those words which avoid repeated use of nouns.

There are seven types of Hindi Pronouns :

Pronouns are the words which replaces nouns in the sentences. Pronouns are divided into 7 categories in Hindi with personal pronoun category as the most important category.

See Lessons on Hindi Pronouns

1) Personal Pronouns in Hindi

2) Possessive pronouns in Hindi

Hindi Grammar -Inflection in Hindi

Inflection is twisting, modifying the original word to express it in a particular tense or with a particular gender. Learn more about inflection in Hindi  here – Inflection in Hindi

Hindi Grammar -Tenses in Hindi

See the lesson : Tenses in Hindi

Hindi Grammar -Adjectives in Hindi

There are two types of adjectives in Hindi.

  1. Inflecting adjectives (their endings change with the gender)
  2. Non-inflecting adjectives (endings remain same whatever be the gender)

Learn more about Hindi adjectives here : Adjectives in Hindi

Hindi Grammar -Postpositions in Hindi

Hindi has postpositions instead of prepositions. These words are placed after the nouns, hence there are all post-positions. Know more about Hindi postpositions here : Postpositions in Hindi

Hindi Grammar -Conjunctions in Hindi

See lesson : Conjunctions in Hindi


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